Cat Show Entry Form

This form was written by Mary Kolencik for Catshows US.

For some shows, you may use this form for both regular show entries and agility entries.
Please check with the entry clerk to verify that agility entries may be made online.

Complete this form and click on SUBMIT to send to entry clerk.
All fields, except Agent information, MUST be completed. If you are using this form for a cat being entered in the agility competition only, enter the words "Agility Only" in fields that do not apply.

Note: The use of this form is interpreted as an official entry in an upcoming CFA show. Your email address on this form is considered to be your signature per Show Rule 4.05. Note that the exhibitor must pay the appropriate entry fees to the sponsoring club once this form is submitted.

PLEASE email the entry clerk with the number of entries that you have submitted after using this form!

WARNING: is not responsible for misdirected or lost entries. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to ensure receipt of entry by the entry clerk PRIOR to the close of the show!

EXTRA BIG WARNING: Some firewalls, virus scanners, and other security mechanisms may interfere with the form; some internet service providers or employers may block the form's domain; some applications that involve logging into another server or using a proxy may interfere with the form; some browsers may render the form incorrectly. is not responsible for making this form work with all such security/network connection mechanisms or all web browsers.

EXTRA BIG BIG MAJOR TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU WARNING: Hitting the back button can sometimes cause an error called a view state error. Some security software causes the error too. If you get an error that says anything about "Invalid Viewstate", this is most likely being caused by your browser and not the form. Try these things to correct the error. Clear your browser's cache and Authenticated Session data. You may need to enter another show to totally clear the material your browser keeps; you can use the "Test Show" show for this. Clear the cache and session data, then create an entry for the "Test Show", then go back to the show you were trying to enter and try again. If you still get the error, try a different browser. If that doesn't work, contact the entry clerk and find a different way to enter the show.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to enter his/her cat under its correct registered name, registered ownership, and in the correct class.   See the CFA Registration Certificate for the EXACT registered name, registered ownership, and other data required for entry (see CFA Show Rules for class number)

Except for the Novice class, the Show Management is expressly PROHIBITED from accepting a Championship, Premiership, Provisional Breed, AOV or Miscellaneous entry unless the Entry Form contains A. the CFA registration number as shown on the CFA registration certificate or B. a Temporary Registration number (TRN). Contact the entry clerk for information about a TRN.  WARNING: CFA's show rules require that the correct CFA registration number be provided at the time you are submitting entry information for any cat being entered in Championship or Premiership classes and/or for any cat/kitten in the AOV, Provisional or Miscellaneous classes.  Failure to provide the correct registration number at time of entry will cause the cancellation of ALL awards achieved at this show.  All information below is required unless otherwise stated.

This entry is number  of   entries total for this show.
These fields help the entry clerk track down lost entries, so please use them correctly. For example, if you entered two cats last week as 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 and now you want to enter two more cats, the new entries should be 3 of 4 and 4 of 4.

The best browser for this form is Internet Explorer. Other browsers, like Firefox, will work but could display some of the controls incorrectly. Use the comment field to inform the entry clerk of any fields that you could not set correctly and always check your receipt to ensure you entered the correct information.

Name of Cat: 
                                (No titles, 35 character maximum)  
CFA Registration # or TRN: 
(see above WARNING) For Kittens with no number, enter the word KITTEN. For Novices enter NOVICE. For Household Pets, enter the word HHP. For an Agility-Only entry, enter the word Agility. Contact the Entry Clerk for information about TRN.
If you do not know the birthdate of an Agility-Only cat, enter a best guess or all 1s.

Eye Color:  
Color Class #: 
(see Show Rules or your cat's show standard on CFA's website if you do not know your color class. Table coming soon!) For Household Pets, enter "HHP". For Agility Only, enter "Agility Only".
Breed:    Color Description:
(Include pattern, if any) For Agility Only entries with an unknown color, enter "Agility Only".
(Use titles, 40 characters maximum - Not required for HHP and Agility-Only entries)
(Use titles, 40 characters maximum - Not required for HHP and Agility-Only entries)
(Not required for HHP and Agility-Only entries)
Phone Number: 
(include Area Code)  
Street Address for Owner/Lessee Listed Above:   
Zip/Postal Code:
Name of Club/Show, Location, and Date:
Agent Information (Optional)

If you will NOT be present you must designate ONLY ONE agent for all of your entries.
An exhibitor's agent MUST be the SAME for ALL entries. Complete all agent information if an agent is being used.
(40 Characters Maximum)
Phone Number:
(include Area Code)
Agent's Street Address:
City: State/Province/Nation: Zip/Postal Code:
Send Confirmation to:  Send Confirmation through:  If you select an e-mail confirmation, please note that not all entry clerk software can accomodate this. It is still YOUR responsibility to confirm that the entry clerk got your online entry.   Region of Residence:   
Cat To Be Entered In (Check Proper Class):
Special Requests (optional):


**Checking this box means you will provide your own show cage and that you understand you may be required to pay the double cage fee based on your total entries.

** Checking this box means you are asking the entry clerk to send you information on getting a TRN for your novice so that your entry can be scored and can accumulate points.

BENCHING REQUEST: Only one benching request per Exhibitor. If you select an Agent, that is your benching request!
Any additional comments or info?
This form is an ASP.NET version of the CFA Entry Form. It is not a Response-o-Matic form and is not hosted by nor was not written by CFA. Send comments or questions about the form to Mary Kolencik, Comments or questions about your entry should go to the entry clerk.

I hereby enter the above named cat, at my own risk, subject to the provisions of the Show Rules of the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. in effect for this show, and I state that I am familiar with the provisions of these rules. (A printed copy of the current Show Rules may be obtained from the CFA Central Office, 260 East Main St. Alliance, OH 44601. Price is $7.00. A free online copy is available on the CFA website. )

I hereby state that this information provided on this Entry Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I am at least 18 years of age.

If you are entering an Agility Competition, you will be required by the club to sign the following statement before being allowed in the agility ring: "I agree that neither the agility official nor the club shall be liable for any accidents, injuries or insult done to me or my cat; that my cat and I are in good health and fit to run." To save time, you should print the Official CFA Agility Form, fill it out and bring it with you to the show. You will not be allowed to compete in the Agility competition without a signed copy of this statement. Contact the Entry Clerk if you have questions about Agility entries.

Exhibitor Name: 

Exhibitor Email Address: 

Enter Email Address Again: 

WARNING: is not responsible for misdirected or lost entries. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to ensure receipt of entry by the entry clerk PRIOR to the close of the show!